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People who go “both countries are at fault”


What they think they sound like:

“I’m so rational. The truth is somewhere in the middle, they’re both wrong. I’m so nuanced and enlightened with my views.”

What they actually sound like:

“History and context are things that do not exist to me. In whatever dimension I exist in, I believe that there is an equivalence between an advanced occupying army that is notorious for war crimes, and an occupied brutalized population.”

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Sex education 

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Tolkien died in 1973. Reverse it and you get 3791.
Three rings for the elven kings under the sky, seven for the dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, nine for mortal men doomed to die, and one for the dark lord on his dark throne.


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We made plans I thought we’d keep.
The dates still in my diary.
No more waiting for me.
No more waiting for you.

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One of the greatest scenes in television history

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I’m so happy

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